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Thank you for visiting our Walking Tour website!.   Lessons on Liberty is CLOSED for the 2020, 2021 (as of May1, 2021) season due to the recent Pandemic. We do hope to reopen as soon as it is responsible to do so.

Everyone PLEASE SOCIAL DISTANCE and WEAR a MASK!  And get the SHOT! Our entire tourism industry has been devastated by the inability of the USA  to get control of, and contain the spread of Covid.  We are counting on YOU to help bring us back by wearing a mask and social distancing.  WEARING A MASK isn’t about YOU its about your community and keeping your friends and loved ones safe. Thank you.

GET THE SHOT…why, George Washington did it!  Yes, the leader our Continental Army who brought victory to the revolution and became our first President had his troops (our army) inoculated for Small Pox and amazingly deadly, and disfiguring disease which was highly contagious. In 1776 when the British Army evacuated the City of Boston, Boston was suffering from a raging epidemic of Small Pox, Washington sent 1000 men from our Army who had been inoculated or were immune due to having already contracted the disease (and lived!) into the town to prevent further spreading and to help the inhabitants of our besieged “city on a hill”.  If it’s good enough for George Washington, General of our Army, Commander in Chief of our Country …its should be good enough for you!


We are offer several tours daily (PLEASE CHECK CALENDAR by clicking on the “BOOK NOW” button for tour availability and schedule.)   NOTE These tours are very dependent on the weather.  So please check the calender day of your tour if weather is bad to check for cancellation.

Boston’s Most Historically Accurate Tour

Lessons on Liberty™ provides affordable 90-minute walking tours of Boston’s Freedom Trail.  From Boston Common to Faneuil Hall, Lessons on Liberty tours will captivate, educate, and enrich your Boston experience. Discuss and debate the events of the American Revolution with a classically trained historian.  Learn little known facts and details about the Stamp Act, Boston Massacre, the Destruction of the Tea, the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Bunker Hills, the Siege of Boston, and the 1776 evacuation of the British. Find out what was really in the hearts and minds of the citizens of colonial Boston, who pledged their lives and fortunes for the cause of liberty!



We generally follow Boston’s Freedom Trail for about two miles, including the following historic sites: Boston Common, Granary Burial Ground, Kings Chapel & Burial Ground, Boston Latin School (original site), Old South Meeting House, Towne House (Old State House), Boston Massacre Site, Faneuil Hall, and other selected sites upon request. All tours start at the Boston Common Visitors Center, 148 Tremont Street.


You can purchase your tickets online (below).   If you purchase your tickets online, you are automatically guaranteed a reservation for ANY of the days and times we give tours.  NOTE: if you have to change your original tour time you MUST check our Tour Calendar for availability  (see our convenient schedule of tours by clicking on the “Purchase Now” button ) 

Day of tour please present your voucher to the guide at time of tour.

  • Adult Ticket – $20.00
  • Child Ticket – $10.00
Due to the high cost of our historically accurate period clothing WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL ANY TOUR DUE TO RAIN OR INCLEMENT WEATHER.
Lessons on liberty is a small 501 c 3 non-profit company. As such we CAN NOT ANSWER PHONE CALLS  in real time as we are all out giving tours or working in our colonial print shop.


All tours start at the Boston Common Visitors Center, 139 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111.  Tickets can be purchased here, too.

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